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Color Trend: Return to your Childhood with Unicorn Hair. Relive the fun and joyful days of childhood in a superstyrous way: with unicorn hair! Meet this trend of bright and fun colors, and find out if it’s for you.


No matter how old you are, from time to time we all like to disconnect from the daily routine and relive our childhood, without worries or obligations. With the trend in unicorn hair coloring, you can recover some of the childish charm, at least in your hair! This colorful trend is inspired (as its name implies) in those magical and mythical creatures that have fallen in love with our imagination since early childhood.

Unicorns have always been very popular among preteen girls, but they can also be popular among adult women. As a fashion print, they adorn our clothes or sweeten the decoration of our house. But to get the look of a unicorn in the hair requires a little courage. Take the leap and you will show everyone, with style, that you don’t take things too seriously. We love! Keep reading to discover unicorn hair and if this trend goes with you.


The best thing about this color trend is that you can customize it to your liking. To create this look, different dyeing techniques can be used, such as balayage. If you wish, you can dye only the ends of your hair in unicorn tones. To get the bright tips, start with a light blond base tone.

Do you want to get the unicorn look all over your hair? Your hair should also have a light blond base tone. This is essential to get the true unicorn look. Darker hair should be previously lightened. In this case, a hairdresser can advise you on how to do it in the most delicate way possible to avoid damaging your hair.

Unicorn hair looks good on any length of hair. But it shouldn’t be too short. The results look better on the hair that reaches the chin or more. Why? A little length allows the gradation of unicorn colors to shine. Longer unicorn hair looks splendid with elaborate braids. Space Buns or Princess Leia bows are also super sweet. By the way, both are ideal looks to rock during the festival season!


Wild and imaginative: this is how we would describe the appearance of unicorn hair. This trend mixes different strands of colors to form an acro iris. Most nuances are pastel: for example, light pink, light blue, yellow or turquoise. The bright neon tones are also incredible. These colors not only line up next to each other, but also merge and combine, creating a uniform and harmonious result. Creating such a gradation is complicated, so we recommend that you go to a professional to analyze how your unicorn style looks and make your dream come true.

If you like to experiment, you can also dye your unicorn hair at home. For this, the dye packs that contain various hair colors ready to mix are perfect. Do you just want to give a touch of color to your hair for one night? Try the clip extensions!


If there is currently a bold and groundbreaking trend, that is that of unicorn hair. The mane is dressed in fantasy colors that fill each other: pink, violet, blue, green … just like a rainbow. Although it is very flattering, not everyone dares with this look. Even so, you must be prepared and up to date to successfully apply this trend. We tell you everything you wanted to know about unicorn hair.


Unicorns are fantastic creatures that are normally represented with a long hair of colors. This idea has served as inspiration to create the so-called “Unicorn Hair”, a trend in which different shades on the mane are mixed. Pink, violet, green, blue or white colors usually predominate in their softer or brighter shades.

This coloring trend can be applied throughout the hair, only at the tips or through the reflexes. There are different variants but in all of them the color is the protagonist.


Getting the perfect color is a challenge for any stylist. It requires mastering the technique very well, enough time and a lot of patience. In addition, you will have to get the necessary products and new ranges of hair color.

Some advices:

Gather photographs: when describing a color, communication can be complicated. When you say pink, are you referring to a magenta, a pink stick, fuchsia …? Showing photographs will make it much easier for you and your client to understand each other better when choosing the color and hairstyle.

Make sure you work on a suitable base and healthy hair: unless your client is already blonde, you will have to lighten her hair and then start applying the different colors. In the latter case, when applying all products the hair can suffer so it is important that you work on a healthy and strong hair.

Plan enough time: as we said, unicorn hair is laborious and cannot be achieved in an hour. The first step, as we say, is to bleach the hair and if your client has it very dark you will have to repeat the process. Then, once you have the canvas ready, you will need enough time to carefully place each of the colors of the rainbow.


Anyone can be a unicorn but the variety and intensity of colors must adapt to the type of skin. There are three variants:

Clear skins with pink notes: pastel tones enhance these people, especially if pink tones predominate.

Medium skins with golden touches: they are ideal blue, purple, violet … In general colder and intense tones.

Dark skin: you can dare with stronger colors such as ruby, fuchsia, magenta … The contrast will be incredible!


Experimentation is linked to unicorn hair, and these are some types of coloration that prove it:

Watercolor: in this case light shades are used that blend with subtlety in the hair, as if they had been colored with these paintings.

Monochromatic: instead of applying several tones, choose only one that is losing intensity, resulting in a gradient from root to tip: The famous balayage, only in this case it is done with fantasy colors.

Metallic: unicorn hair can also be interpreted with metallic and intense hues.

Rainbow: it is the most suitable and authentic color for this type of looks, and it is recreated with intense and varied colors.

Melting color: in this technique the colors intermingle perfectly with each other to give a feeling of melting.

How does it disappear?

The most advisable thing is to let the color fade little by little, in this way the hair will recover its hue without having to submit it to another color. For example, the range of Watercolors pastel shades, making it perfect for recreating looks that spectacular, and the color stays up to 20 washes. But if what is desired is to restore the color instantly, it is best to neutralize the colors by always applying the opposite in the palette (green neutralizes red, for example). Later you can have a homogeneous color bath.