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Unicorn puzzle games, board games, unicorn games to paint, unicorn racing games and much more in this section. We have differentiated games and toys so that you can choose more easily.


Unicorn dolls and stuffed animals are very popular, but if you have a small fan of unicorns at home, surely the above options have not been enough … We propose you to take your game times to another level, and buy board games so you can share your hobby and have fun with the whole family.


Unicorn games can have different meanings, and these can vary depending on the type of game that is going to be played, despite being set in a universe with unicorns. There are different types of games where unicorns can appear:

Popular games: They are the games that are normally practiced during childhood. The rules of these games are usually agreed by those who are going to play. It can include objects or simply refer to a practical activity.

Table games: The games where the boards, chips and dice are used and, therefore, need a table to accommodate everything. These games have a final goal and established rules.

Some of these games may be strategies, such as checkers or dominoes, while others depend more on luck such as parcheesi or monopoly. There is no specific rule for these games, and they can be set in magical lands, where the unicorn figure is important.

Role playing games: And here the games where we will see more unicorns and mythical beasts, outside the world of video games. In these games we usually handle a character that will represent us by an adventure, although this can be set in any universe, we usually enter a fantasy world where dragons, knights and, clearly, unicorns, are normal.

Video game: These are the games that use visual resources as support, such as TV screens, computer screens and video game consoles, whether they are seasonal or portable. Video games have been commissioned to mark a before and after as far as games are concerned and we can find unicorns in Minecraft, one of the most popular videogames of recent times, such as a lot of unicorns in free games.


The unicorn can be present in your life at all times and on this website we take care of it. From mobile games, clothes, jewelry, watches, figures and many more things at your fingertips. Do not let the strength of our great friend the unicorn escape.

Playing with unicorns is amazing: All madmen for unicorns have ever fantasized about playing with him and created our own adventures. From we have compiled a collection of games to get a smile either for you or for the little ones at home. Now you can play with real unicorns (a bit virtual).

Fun with unicorns: All the fun with unicorns is available to the smallest of the house. Let the adventure begin! We have games for all ages so that you also play and feel like a tamer of unicorns.

Winged unicorns: Yes! You can also find among our winged unicorns games, that mix of unicorn and a Pegasus with which you can play without limits. Choose the winged unicorn and blow your imagination!

Magical unicorns: His great power, concentrated on the unicorn horn, will make you travel, be free, be who you want to be YOU.


What are the most popular games among children? Possibly, the games that we all know, those that we play during our childhood, remain a success among the little ones. Although many children now prefer video game consoles and entertaining screens, there are still popular and traditional games that have passed from generation to generation, because they are extremely simple and fun games that are part of the children’s tradition. And those games can also include unicorn games.

There are classic and popular games like hide and seek, cat and mouse, running games. They are games deeply rooted in popular culture and never go out of style. But there are also the popular ones to create our own stories, with unicorns and real fairies. Or at least in the imagination of the little ones, that’s right.

And the best thing about these games is that, perhaps, they need nothing more than their imagination and the desire to play. But even so, to help stimulate their creations, we can acquire certain toy implements, such as fairy wands, or even unicorns of casters to play. And all in online stores like Amazon.


Remember that when buying or making a game, what matters most is the creative activity, which must have the participation of one or more participants and that its main function is to provide important entertainment and fun, although it also Can fulfill an educational role. Games can also help mental and physical stimulation, as well as contributing to the development of practical and psychological skills.

So let’s think very well what is the unicorn game that we will buy from our little one.